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Dear Friends of SJV:

Greetings in Christ from a quiet seminary! The men have all departed and are by now well into their summer assignments. These vary depending on the year of formation: for most, they are working in parishes in their home dioceses. Many of the Denver guys are doing camp work such as Camp Wojtyla, Annunciation Heights or Totus Tuus. Hopefully those of you with kids will get a chance to meet some of them! I still have friendships with many families from summers like these – but now those kids are getting married!

This month we’ll hear from two of the men who were recently ordained – Father David Hall (Denver) and Deacon Kade Megaffin (Salina, Kansas). There is no moment when I am more proud as a vice-rector than being at these ordinations when the men complete their formation and begin their ministries as priests and deacons.

From all of us at the seminary, know of our gratitude for your continued support and the promise of our prayers.

Fr. John Nepil

On Priestly Ordination

Thus concludes a life-changing seven-year journey. During these seven years, a boy became a man. A disciple became configured to Christ.  An idealistic mind started to learn. The Holy Spirit guided this young man to a deeper knowledge of himself, of God, and of the mission being entrusted to him, and invited him to take a leap of faith: to say yes to this awesome God, who is elusive and mysterious, yet at the same time closer than we can imagine, and without whom life ceases to have meaning.

When he made that yes, the Lord blessed him with joy he could not have anticipated, and with challenges he wasn’t sure he was ready to take on. The priests and professors to whom the Lord entrusted this young man’s formation continued to call him to greater things, and as he was stretched, he began to realize his own strength, and the gifts that the Lord had given him for the sake of His Church. Seminary was a place of struggle, a place of refuge, a place of brotherhood, and ultimately, the place where Christ met this young man, and chose him to be His priest.

How can I repay the Lord
For His goodness to me?
The cup of salvation I will raise
I will call on the Lord’s name.

At 9:00AM on Saturday May 11, 2024, Deacon David Hall walked into the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver, Colorado.
At 1:00PM that afternoon, Father David Hall walked out.

Thanks be to God!

Fr. David Hall
Archdiocese of Denver

Formation Through Fellowship

Hello! I am Dcn. Kade Megaffin from the Diocese of Salina, KS. Being ordained a deacon has given me a unique opportunity to reflect on seminary. Upon entering St. John Vianney Seminary, I encountered a different way of life. The Spirituality Year, as it was then called, drew me into a deeper relationship with the Lord but also showed me the distinct fraternity of the diocesan priesthood. The last three years of theological studies, which have each had their own particularities, have also given rise to fuller expressions of those relationships—both with the Lord and the brothers. While I have learned many valuable lessons at SJV, the experience of joy in fellowship and communion leaves me with wonder at the fellowship offered us in Christ Jesus—fellowship with our God.

I have loved living within the unique house system at St. John Vianney. Most seminaries have dormitory-styled housing, but we live in smaller communities both on and off campus. This creates a family-like feel to life where the different aspects of formation—intellectual, spiritual, pastoral, and human formation—can be integrated into the life of each seminarian. Rather than a portion of what you do, the formation becomes a deeper part of who you are. This was highlighted for me when many brother seminarians came out to Kansas for the Salina ordinations. We had great time together as friends, deep conversations as theologians, and loved sharing that moment with the people of Kansas too.

I have come to appreciate in a particular way how SJV draws us into greater fellowship with God, our brothers, and the people of God. It has been a wonderful experience walking this path to the priesthood! I have one more year at St. John Vianney Seminary before priestly ordination—please continue to pray for us!

Dcn. Kade Megaffin
Diocese of Salina

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