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Dear Friends of SJV:

Greetings in Christ! We are back at it for a full and exciting March after a great early spring break. As you can see from the photo above, I took 18 seminarians to a backcountry hut near Copper Mountain, with the help of friend and mountaineer Fr Matteo Invieresse. More to come on this next month from Deacon Jacob Machado.

As we deepen into the Lenten season, we continue our anticipated joy of the coming Easter Season. But there have been joys along the way: two of which are noted in the words below. Several weeks ago, we welcomed our long time head Chef, Cindy Doherty, into the Catholic Church! We were thrilled to see her baptized, confirmed and receive her first Eucharist. Additionally, we wanted to highlight the recent ordination of two of our Denver seminarians – the highlight of every year. Congrats to Deacon’s Blaise and Jose – ad moltos annos!

Wishing you all a blessed March and continuous of this grace-filled season of Lent.

Fr. John

Chef Cindy

After completing culinary school, I joined St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in March of 2006. Just two months later we would ordain 13 men in a glorious celebration and extravagant food preparation. I had no idea what wonderful years were ahead of me!

Over the next seven years, I would encounter many priests and seminarians who would patiently answer my questions about the Faith, our Lord, and the Catholic church. We had many long talks with laughter, tears, and wine.

I paused my career at SJV, for three years of service at the Rectory of Holy Ghost parish and the Oblates of the Virgin Mary in Denver. I received a peek into the home life of parish priests, their companionships, humor, and humility. In August of 2014, I returned to SJV to manage the Seminary kitchen and staff.

I have always felt the strong presence of our Mother Mary on this campus. She welcomes me in the morning, sends support throughout the day and bids me farewell in the evening as I drive away from her memorial statue. Hundreds of men have welcomed me as family to their temporary home while helping in my formation into the church. They have all been my adopted sons that Jesus allowed me to know.

After years of being surrounded by love and faith, I realized I was being called to join the Catholic faith in the summer of 2023. Along with teachings and support from the leaders and men at our seminary, I was blessed with the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion on Monday, February 5th, 2024, in the Christ the King chapel on our campus, witnessed by most of the seminary, my family, and many local priests. It was a prayer made real by the Holy Spirit that I have had for over 50 years!

I look forward to continuing my journey towards God alongside and guided by the wonderful people who have been called to St. John Vianney Seminary.

Chef Manager
Cindy Dhority

Transitional Diaconate

My name is Deacon Blaise Buches, and I was ordained, together with Deacon Jose Delgado, to the Diaconate by Archbishop Aquila on February 10th. I wanted to share with you today a short reflection on the incredible beauty of that day and the joy of entering into the clerical life in service of God and the Church.

I have attended countless ordinations, priestly and diaconal, but it really hit me as I walked down the aisle at the beginning of the Ordination Mass: it is now my turn to lay down my life and offer myself completely to Christ and the Church, to give up my life as my own and surrender myself into the hands of the Father. I am blessed to serve the Church of Denver in a special way through proclaiming the Gospel, preaching, administering certain Sacraments, and carrying out acts of Charity.

The immense joy that has come both on February 10th – especially through the Litany of the Saints (so many of whom I love as dear friends) and the promises made (especially those of obedience, celibacy, and prayer) – and since that day has been unparalleled. I remember thinking while Archbishop Aquila prayed the prayer of Ordination, “my soul just changed!” Since then, preaching and assisting at Mass, blessing persons and religious articles, constantly brings a smile to my face and reminds me of the deep love that God has for me: that He would use me as an instrument for His glory.

Auspice Maria,
Deacon Blaise Buches

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