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Dear Friends of SJV!

This weekend’s snow storm was a reminder of how quickly the fall semester is passing. Our seminarians have spent the last few weeks preparing for midterm exams and writing a lot of papers. They are in full swing in their apostolates, many of whom are teaching in parishes and schools. The life has a rhythm to it, and once we hit the semester groove, it passes with a natural, yet surprisingly fast, pace.

Fall break, which happens in the second week of October, is a time when the men of the discipleship stage make their annual retreat. The other guys in theology enjoyed a well-earned week of rest. Many of them headed back to the mountains, enjoying the last of the colors from this amazing fall we have all enjoyed.

Of the many activities within our life, I wanted to mention those open to you, our friends and spiritual family. Once a month we have a mass open to the public, as well as our monthly evening of adoration known as vigil praise. You can learn more on this by checking out our website –

The intensity of the life requires real recreation and leisure. I’m grateful to our library staff for hosting another great mystery night last Friday, as well as the seminarian organized “coffee house” – a night where the talents of the men are showcased in an ambit of levity, good humor and some fine craft beer.

As we turn to November, our prayers attend to our beloved who have passed into eternity. Know that we hold your intentions and your deceased family and friends in our prayers at the altar this All Souls Day.

With continued gratitude for your support,

Fr. John

Sacred Heart of Jesus

My name is Fr. Adam Bradshaw and I have the privilege of being assigned as the formator to the Sacred Heart of Jesus parish house, comprising of men in the discipleship stage.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is among the most beloved treasures among Catholics. Parishes frequently dedicate their first Friday Masses to this beautiful observance. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is celebrated in an official manner on the third Friday after Pentecost. The Roman Martyrology, the official book of saints, describes the day as such (I’m using the help of Google Translate to translate from the original Latin): “The Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, who, with a meek and humble heart, exalted on the cross, became the source of life and love, from which all nations draw.” This notion of “drawing” people to Himself is a characteristic description of the Sacred Heart; there is even a beautiful encyclical letter by Venerable Pope Pius XII on the Sacred Heart titled Haurietis Aquas (“You shall draw waters”). It is worth a full read.

At St. John Vianney Seminary, we frequently dedicate the first Fridays of the month to celebrating Masses of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, if permitted by the liturgical calendar. And customarily, we celebrate first Friday Masses open to the public (or some other Friday of the month if there is a conflict). We would love for you to join us.

Fr. Adam Bradshaw
Sacred Heart of Jesus Formation Advisor

Vigil Praise

This year in vigil praise we started off strong on September 30. We have new seminarians on board in the band including Tony Scroggins on percussion, Simon Ortiz on vocals, Rendon Chambers on the keys, and Adam Urban on the bass.

Both laity and religious attended. Many young adults from around the city and some even from Boulder came. A few Carmelite nuns from St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church gave witness to the religious life. After Vigil Praise many young adults asked them about being a Carmelite and how they came to consecrate their entire life to God. Fr. Rocco Porter presided and delivered a homily about loving God in and outside the walls of the parish. Our love for God is not private but a lived reality not only to be kept in the walls of the parish, but in everyday life shown by our words and actions both great and small.

These Vigil Praise nights also include the vigil for the Office of Readings where we chant psalms, canticles, and the Te Deum. Confession lines were full almost the entire time, and fortunately we had three priests offering confessions.

Overall, Vigil Praise started off strong, and based on years past, more people will be coming as the year progresses. Please pray for our community that those who will be attending Vigil Praise may encounter Christ in confession, in the words of the minister giving the homily, and most importantly in the Eucharist.

Jacob Chavez
Theology III, Diocese of Phoenix

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