Courses Spring 2022

TH-DO-2400 Evangelization & Catechesis

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Books to Buy

Students are not required to buy these texts, but they are responsible for having a copy for their sole use during the course. The Library provides a book exchange for students to pass on books they no longer need to other students, and is located in the library office. Please consider donating gently used textbooks. Identify any book to be dropped off for the swap so that they can be marked. Donation to the swap is not necessary to take books from it.

  • Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization
    Directory for Catechesis
  • Weddle, Sherry
    Forming Intentional Disciples
    Our Sunday Visitor
  • Regnier, Andre
    Clear and Simple
    Catholic Christian Outreach
  • Mallon, James
    Divine Renovation
    Twenty-Third Publications
  • University of Mary
    From Christendom to Apostolic Age
    University of Mary Press
  • Stayne, Damien
    Lord, Renew Your Wonders
    Word Among Us Press

Recommended Texts

Recommended texts are those from which not enough reading assignments are drawn to warrant asking students to provide their own copies or those that instructors think will enhance a student’s appreciation of the subject matter of the course. Any reading assignments drawn from these texts will be available on reserve.

  • Sample Recommended Texts Here

Electronic Reserve

Below are links to required or recommended texts available in an electronic format. For physical reserve items, please refer to the course syllabus.

Readings/Documents from:

Vinson Synan, Which Churches are Growing and Why

William Kilpatrick, Islamization of the World

Avery Dulles, Evangelization and Theological Renewal


A link to a downloadable PDF is found below. For optimum results, open the document in Adobe Reader (as opposed to preview for mac users) as all the contents pages are interhyperlinked for convenience.

This link includes the following documents:

Ad Gentes (AG), Vatican Council II;
Evangelii Nuntiandi (EN), P. Bl. Paul VI;
Redemptoris Missio (RM), P. St. John Paul II;
Evangelii Gaudium (EG), P. Francis;
Go and Make Disciples (GMD), USCCB …