Witnessing for Life from the Capitol

SJVDenver, March for Life

A Life is a Life no Matter How Small

This week marked the 45th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Founded as a prayerful march and rally to counter the legalization of abortion, this event has proven to be the biggest Pro-Life event in the world. It all began with the genius of Nellie Gray who founded the first march the year after the decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Since then, faithful have been battling blizzards, driven distances and marched bravely and consistently in order to intercede on behalf of society’s most vulnerable.

SJVDenver, March for Life, Pro-Life,

As time has progressed, the March has expanded to include hundreds of thousands of participants from all walks of life. From bishops, priests, religious and faithful from our own Catholic Church, to representatives from the Jewish Community, Protestant Churches, Orthodox Churches and even Atheists for Life, just to name a few. It truly has become a focal point for the nation’s citizens and elected officials to gather together to demand the protection of the unborn.

As the Pro-Life movement has continued to spread across our nation, many different events have been established in countless cities to mirror the National March for Life. The Walk for Life in San Francisco was founded in order to give the Pro-Life cause a

West Coast presence and has been established for 14 years now. Within the last few years, our own city of Denver has established the Denver March for Life in order to be a rallying point within the center of our nation.

St. John Vianney Theological Seminary had the opportunity to participate in this year’s Denver March for Life by singing at the Mass in the Cathedral and performing “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps. It was a marvelous day with beautiful weather and great energy. ENDOW

SJVDenver, March for Life, Pro-Life,

led the March this year followed by Colorado Christian University Students, SJV and Redemptoris Mater Seminarians, Knights of Columbus, Mexican Matachines (traditional dancers) as well as countless faithful.

These opportunities to honor life in an intentional way remind us the need to be constantly vigilant in creating a Cu

lture of Life. From taking time to being outside the abortion clinic during 40 days for Life, to praying quiet rosaries for the intention of the unborn, to even defending life in our school and workplace, we must act. Our world needs our witnesses in order to honor and protect the lives of those who cannot defend themselves.


SJVDenver, March for Life, Pro-Life,