Welcome Message from Fr. Daniel Leonard, Rector

SJVDenver, St John Vianney, Christ the King Parish


It is a great privilege to be the newly appointed Rector of St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. My gratitude goes to the Rectors that have preceded me.  The logic of the Gospel where “some sow and others reap” is evident here:  I will harvest and benefit from the many good things that others have sowed.

I am fully aware of the tremendous responsibility that becoming Rector entails: caring for the seed of God’s calling in the hearts of some men and preparing them to be good priests configured to the heart of Christ, the eternal high priest of the New Covenant. I am very grateful for the fact that in this mission I have by my side an experienced, faithful and dedicated team of formators, faculty and staff. I would like also to extend my appreciation and thanks to the many benefactors of the seminary who generously support this mission.

I have been a professor at St. John Vianney for the past 17 years so I am very familiar with and profess a profound love for this ecclesiastical institution.  I have also been a Pastor for the past twelve and believe that this experience will aid me in the preparation of future pastors for the twelve dioceses that now send their candidates to the priesthood to St. John Vianney.

My goal is to walk with our seminarians on their “journey of discipleship” as they look to configure themselves to the heart of Christ, the Good Shepherd. I wish to continue to support them in laying the foundations for priestly life in the four dimensions of formation: the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral.

On this website, you will find further information on these dimensions of formation of our seminary. You will also find information on the St. Francis School of Theology for the formation of candidates to the permanent diaconate. Information about the lay division of St. John Vianney Theological Seminary can also be found here. This consists of The Denver Catholic Biblical School, a comprehensive four-year program that awards a certificate in Biblical Studies; and The Catechetical School that offers a two-year, four semester study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

I place this new mission I have received under the mantle of Mary, Mother of Priests. Let us pray that Mary will make all priests conform with the image of her son, Jesus.