Silence is the Voice of Love

Retreat, SJVDenver, St. John Vianney, Silence“I can’t wait to go into silence. Only in the silence of our hearts we hear the voice of God better. Il silenzio è la vocce del’amore (Silence is the voice of love).”
– Pedro Pablo-Sebastian


It is a beautiful afternoon on this Sunday of February, and the SJV vans are on the move. Rather than returning from apostolates, the men of SJV are actually on the way to both Colorado Springs and Estes Park. Today begins the annual seminarian retreat.

Besides having days of recollection peppered through the year, St. John Vianney sets aside a week of prayer for the men studying. The importance of this retreat cannot be underestimated! Amidst the rigors of study, concern of apostolic assignments and the humdrum of daily life, it is such a grace to take a break andSJVDenver, Retreat, St. John Vianney, Silence simply pray.

The retreat is an essential time that allows us the opportunity to be with the One whom we love and not worry about anything else. During it, the schedule itself is quite simple. Each seminarian receives a spiritual director who assigns them biblical reflections for each day. Sacred Scripture is the heart of the retreat as men revisit graces and plan for a new year. The graces are discussed in daily meetings with the director while the rest of the retreat is silent. The day revolves around Mass
and 3-4 Holy Hours. Finally, a man may fill the rest of the day with spiritual reading, a rosary, a hobby or a casual walk.

No matter what graces are received, these moments away are precious to each seminarian. It’s in these quiet, still moments that men are refreshed and receive new vigor.

Therefore, please join us in prayer and ask that our hearts be opened! For it is hoped that the graces we receive today, may one day be abundantly shared with you as we serve you in the parish.

St. Malo Retreat, SJVDenver, St. John Vianney, Silence