Seminati a Sapientia 11/7/18

The Grace of Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary

In my opinion, nothing beats the encouraging and fraternal community we have here at St. John Vianney Seminary. It’s awesome, and how could it not be when every guy wakes up resolving to be more kind, forgiving, and generous than he was the day before. For example, I remember thinking to myself in my first year that a certain guy surely hated me, but when I walked into my room later, low and behold there was birthday gift for me from this same guy. Maybe he still hated me, but I think that makes my point. Everyone here is trying very hard, not just in thought but in deed, to be loving towards one another. Another aspect I appreciate at SJV is the sincerity. People apologize to one another and not just every once in a while but often. I think it’s because we aim to have a culture of humility and integrity, without which, it would be impossible to have strong, longstanding friendships.

Another awesome part of the seminary community is its diversity. We have people from across the world here: people from Africa, Vietnam, Brazil, Italy, and across the U.S.. The cultural mash-up makes for a lot of fun conversations. Even among the people from the U.S., everyone has a unique past. Some were nurses, or engineers, or teachers, or protestant pastors, All of which contributes to greater conversation among the brothers. The community makes it a lot of fun here, and uplifting especially as we all prepare, by God’s grace, to someday become part of parish communities  as parish priests.

~Austin Habash

2nd Philosophy

Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas