Seminati a Sapientia 11/14/18

“The Pearl of Great Price”

Life at the moment has its challenges. We can absorb ourselves with the newest headline and become sucked into depression. Our phones can be a distraction to the goodness of the day. Or life can just give us punches and sometimes those punches bruise us. What, therefore, might we do different as we prepare for Advent? How can we again regain our joy and hope in Christ? Might I suggest something simple, but not that easy: Tell Jesus everything.

It’s often been asked of me how I have dealt with the recent deaths of my father, brother and grandmother. And I respond pretty simply: God’s grace and by telling Jesus everything. Now I don’t mean some perfunctory listing of the day’s events, but a real, genuine conversation. All you need is 5, 10 minutes to simply bare your heart. Talk to the Lord as you would your best friend. Say, “Jesus, this hurt, or “this made me happy,” or “this troubles me.” You see, by forming the habit of daily telling Jesus all of our joys, pains, triumphs and failures, we become convinced that we are not alone. That there is someone out there that tells us with complete joy, “It is good that you are here!” and assures us that nothing is going to drown us as long as we cling tight to Jesus.

Therefore, this Advent Season, I encourage you: turn down that music, silence that phone, sit still and speak to Jesus. Let the Lord love you and share your heart with him. For in doing so, you will have found that pearl of great price.

~Estevan Wetzel

4th Theology

Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona