Seminary Professor Speaks on the Feminine Genius

Dr. Susan Selner-Wright, Ph.D.

On Wednesday, April 22, Dr. Susan Selner-Wright, Ph.D., a professor of philosophy at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, presented a paper to the faculty and seminarians on the Feminine Genius according to St. Thomas Aquinas and Pope St. John Paul II.

The paper was presented at the Archbishop Charles Chaput Chair of Philosophy Lecture, a Lecture given each year to the Faculty and Seminarians of SJV by the Archbishop Charles Chaput Professor of Philosophy. Dr. Selner-Wright has held the position since 2014.

In her presentation, Dr. Selner-Wright spoke about the role of women having “a certain attitude or disposition toward human life which extends not only to the child in her own womb but to every human being.” Women are preeminent in their recognition of the human dignity of all human persons. Selner-Wright cites Pope St. John Paul II and St. Thomas Aquinas as sources for this thesis. In the end, Selner-Wright concludes that according to Pope St. John Paul II, “One of the hallmarks of feminine genius is receptivity: the willingness, even eagerness, to accept the other as who he is.”

Archbishop Charles Chaput Chair of Philosophy Lecture

The more than 30 seminarians and faculty in attendance particularly liked Dr. Selner-Wright’s ability to speak to the modern situation of women in their role in the world, remarking that her speech was very applicable to addressing the issue of true Catholic feminism.

The Archbishop Charles Chaput Chair of Philosophy Lecture is one of two lectures given by the faculty every year. The Cardinal Stafford Chair of Theology Lecture will be given this fall by Cardinal Stafford Professor Dr. Christian Brugger, D.Phil, Th.M.