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Library Committee Page

Description from Faculty Handbook:

The Library Committee is the faculty committee responsible for assisting the Director of the Library in identifying the needs and developing the resources of the Library. The Library Committee reports to the Academic Dean and the Academic Council.”

a. Purpose:

  • To make recommendations concerning the formula governing the annual allocation of the acquisitions budget; and
  • To review policies and make recommendations on collection development policy, circulation policy, library hours, equipment, staffing requirements, accreditation concerns, reciprocal borrowing agreements, building projects and/or capital campaigns

b. Membership:

  • The Library Committee consists of three faculty members who serve three-year terms and one student selected by the Student Council who serves a one-year term. Faculty members are appointed by their respective Cycle Directors. Terms shall be staggered so that one faculty member is appointed each year. members shall include:
    • one faculty member from the Pre-Theology Cycle;
    • two faculty members from the Theology Cycle;
    • the Director of the Library, who shall be the Chair.

Current Membership:

  • Mr. Stephen Sweeney – Chair
  • Dr. Carl Vater – Pre-Theology appointment elected in May 2017, term up in May 2020
  • Dr. Alphonso Pinto – Theology appointment elected May 2017, term up in May 2020
  • Fr. Luis Granados – Theology appointment elected in September 2015, term up in September 2018