Academic Council

Awards and Rank Committee Page

Description from Faculty Handbook:

  • Purpose – The Awards and Rank Committee (ARC) is responsible for promoting scholarly and professional excellence among the academic faculty.  To this end, it makes recommendations to the Rector regarding rank and promotion in rank, sabbatical leave, and other academic privileges and awards.
  • Membership – ARC shall be composed of the following members, who shall be elected by the Academic Council to serve a three-year term, except for the Academic Dean who is a member ex-officio.  Terms shall be rotated so that one new Regular Member is elected each year.  Members, including Alternates and excepting the Academic Dean, shall have obtained the rank of Associate Professor or Professor.  As each new Regular Member is elected, the composition of the Regular membership below must be maintained.
    • Regular Members
      • The Academic Dean;
      • One full-time faculty member with a terminal degree in Theology;
      • One full-time faculty member with a terminal degree in Philosophy; and
      • One full-time faculty member of any discipline.
    • Alternate Members – Alternate Members shall be elected to replace regular committee members of the same discipline only for evaluation of applications by candidates who have some conflict of interest (e.g., the applicant is a member of ARC, or has a relationship of affinity with a member of ARC).
      • Dr. One full-time faculty member with a terminal degree in Theology;
      • One full-time faculty member with a terminal degree in Philosophy.
  • Responsibilities – ARC is responsible for evaluating requests for promotion in rank and sabbatical and making recommendations to the Academic Dean and the Rector.  It may also be asked to make recommendations regarding other academic awards, including endowed chairs.  It is governed by policies and procedures contained in the Administrative Resource Manual.
  • Meetings – The Committee elects its own Chair each year; the Academic Dean may not be the Chair.  The Chair shall convoke a meeting of the ARC at least twice a year.  Before discussing individuals, the Chair is to remind members of the conflict of interest policy described above.

Current Membership:

  • Fr. Andreas Hoeck, Chair – Regular Theology Cycle Member (elected May 2017, expires May 2020)
  • Dr. Tom McLaughlin – Regular Pre-Theology Cycle Member (elected May 2019, expires May 2022)
  • Dr. Alphonso Pinto– Regular Member of any Discipline (confirmed Sept. 2019, expires May 2022)
  • Fr. Luis Granados – Academic Dean, member ex-officio
  • Vacant – Alternate Pre-Theology Cycle Member (no other eligible faculty in May 2019)
  • Vacant – Alternate Theology Cycle Member (no other eligible faculty in September 2019)