Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary Hosts Papal Theologian for Annual Cardinal Stafford Lectures

On February 23rd 2016,Saint John Vianney hosted it’s annual Cardinal Stafford Lecture Series presented by Father Wojciech Giertych, O.P. Father Giertych came to Denver from the Vatican to give this lecture on the topic of Human Anthropology from a philosophical and theological perspective. Father Giertych is Dominican priest that was ordained in 1981 and currently serves as the theologian to the Papal Household. He was appointed to this responsibility in 2005by then Pope Benedict XVI. His duties include providing advice to the Holy Father on theological matters as well as approving any texts that are prepared for the Pope by others to ensure that what is being said is within the teaching of Catholic Tradition.

For Saint John Vianney, the Cardinal Stafford Lecture is the largest academic event of the year. This event has been happening annually since 2000. Deacon Bryce Lungren, a seminarian for the Helena Diocese scheduled to be ordained to the priesthood this summer, said about this year’s lecture:


“What struck me the most about Fr. Giertych’s presentation was his insistence that all of theology must be viewed through the Paschal mystery of Christ.  In this light, we can understand better the person of Christ, which in turn sheds light on our own participation in His Divine Sonship.”


The opportunity for students and faculty both to hear from a man as learned as Father Giertych is an incredible blessing. Especially in regards to a topic that is so important to us today and for the ministry that these seminarians will be sent out to after their ordinations. It is very valuable for the entire seminary community to come together to continue academic formation outside of the classroom to prepare for a live of service outside of the seminary itself.


After listening to Father Giertych’s talk entitled “The Human Vocation: Being Icons of the Icon” Joseph Golik, a seminarian in his first philosophy year for the diocese of Bismarck North Dakota, said:


“It was a great privilege to have the papal theologian here at our seminary. His great knowledge allowed him to present philosophical material that is pertinent to certain cultural issues present in our society. He showed that conversion to a life of virtue requires natural interior development as well as supernatural grace.”


The entire Lecture was recorded and has been shared with permission of Father Giertych. You can read Part 1 of the lecture here and Part 2 here and listen to Part 1 of the audio here and Part 2 of the audio here.

You can also view the youtube videos here.