A Note of Thanks

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2017-2018 St. John Vianney and Redemptoris Mater Seminarians. Click photo to donate!

Thank you

Hello, my name is Estevan Wetzel and I am a 3rd Theologian Seminarian studying for the Diocese of Phoenix and I am a part of our Communications Apostolate. Since we are in the midst of the Annual Seminaries Appeal, I would first like to thank you for your prayers and support.

As I go through the joys and challenges of seminary life, I frequently thank God for the abundance of prayers you send to us. It is a consolation to know I am in the prayers of many individuals, couples, families and parishes. As a result, much grace is received as a result of your prayers.

Acolyte, Estevan Wetzel, Seminarian, SJVDenver

Receiving the Ministry of Acolyte from Archbishop Aquila on October 21, 2017.

Life in Seminary

As you consider assisting our seminary, it may good for you to know what a typical routine is like for us. St. John Vianney is an accredited institution through the state and men here receive a Bachelors of Philosophy and/or a Master in Theology. We typically have Holy Hour at 6am, classes varying within the hours of 8am-12pm and a community Mass at 12:10.

Lunch is our common meal with the whole seminary and staff. The afternoon allows time for recreation and leisure. Evening Prayer is at 5:45pm and dinner is eaten at the particular house that our seminarians live at (For more information on the house system enjoy: Parish House Model System). After some study time, the evening ends with Night Prayer at 9pm with an Examination of Conscience.

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Invitation to you

   For myself, St. John Vianney has been a home that has allowed me to grow in my identity as a son of the Father, as well as a son of the Church. Having brothers from around the United States and even the world has affirmed me in the truth that we live this life of faith together. Together we pray, together we study and together we bring the Good News of Christ to the world.

   Therefore, I invite you to consider assisting us in our mission today. Your monetary assistance helps prepare all future priests for the Archdiocese of Denver coupled with the other dioceses who send to St. John Vianney. These are the men who will marry your children, baptize your grandchildren, prepare your loved ones for death and bring Christ’s grace to all the faithful.

Prayerfully ask the Lord how he may be inviting you to assist. Thank you for your time!

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