Course Reserves

Courses Spring 2022


Course Number Course Name Instructor
2021-22 SJVTS Course Catalog
PT-CU-1300 Sacred Music Mr. Nolen
PT-LA-1102 Latin II Fr. Franchomme
PT-PH-1302 History of Medieval Philosophy Dr. McLaughlin
PT-PS-1315 Philosophy of God Dr. Selner-Wright
PT-PS-1417 Social & Political Philosophy Dr. Wright
PT-LA-1203 Latin IV (Std [26 meetings]) Fr. Franchomme
PT-PH-1304 History of Contemporary Philosophy Dr. Krause
PT-PS-1405 Epistemology Dr. McLaughlin
PT-PS 1415 Philosophical Anthropology Fr. A. Perez-Lopez
PT-PS 1429 Oral Comprehensive Exam Prep Dr. Krause
PT-TT-1517 Theology Topic: St. John Vianney Dr. Fimister
PT-LA-1202 Latin IV (B.Phil [39 meetings]) Fr. Franchomme
PT-PS-1439 Written Comprehensive Exam Dr. McLaughlin
PT-PT-1533 B.Phil. II & III Topic: Phil. Thought of St. Anselm Fr. Moloney
PT-PT-1587 B.Phil. II Topic: Nature & Destiny of Human Freedom Fr. I. Perez-Lopez
PT-PT-1560 B.Phil. III Topic: Philosophy of Art Dr. Wright
ER-LA-0112 Introductory Spanish II Ma. Hernandez
ER-LA-0212 Intermediate Spanish II Ma. Clever
ER-LA-0312 Spanish for Ministry II Fr. I. Perez-Lopez
TH-CH-2100 Patristics Fr. Clemence
TH-DO-2200 Trinity: The One and Triune God Dr. Pinto
TH-LA-2122 Greek II Fr. Rapp
TH-LP-2100 Liturgical Practicum: Lector Mr. Pham
TH-LS-2225 Baptism and Confirmation Fr. Cardo
TH-SS-2200 Prophets Fr. Caballero
TH-CH-2201 Church History I Dr. Fimister
TH-DO-2205 Ecclesiology and Ecumenism Fr. Nepil
TH-HO-2102 Homiletics II Fr. Zegeer
TH-LP-2200 Liturgical Practicum: Acolyte Mr. Pham
TH-MO-2102 Fundamental Moral Theology II Fr. Noriega
TH-SS-2110 Synoptics: Matthew and Mark Fr. Caballero
TH-SS-2215 Luke and Acts Fr. Rapp
TH-CL-2102 Canon Law II Fr. Capucci
TH-DO-2300 Theological Anthropology & Eschatology Fr. Nepil
TH-HO-2202 Homiletics IV Fr. Cardo
TH-LS-2340 Sacrament of Holy Orders Fr. Selin
TH-MO-2205 Bioethics Fr. Granados
TH-DO-2400 Evangelization & Catechesis Dr. Elmer
TH-LS-2405 Roman Missal with Practicum Fr. Book
TH-MO-2300 Catholic Social Teaching Dr. Fimister
TH-PA-2105 Pastoral Marriage Counseling Dr. Creed
TH-SS-2315 The Catholic Epistles & Revelation Fr. Hoeck
TH-TT-2525 THEO IV Elective #1: Dante as Theological Aesthetic Fr. Nepil
TH-TT-2517 THEO IV Elective #2: Sacred Art & Liturgy Dr. Pinto
Writing SJVTS Style Guide for Papers and Theses