Courses Fall 2021

TH-HO-2101 Homiletics I

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Books to Buy

Students are not required to buy these texts, but they are responsible for having a copy for their sole use during the course. The Library provides a book exchange for students to pass on books they no longer need to other students, and is located in the library office. Please consider donating gently used textbooks. Identify any book to be dropped off for the swap so that they can be marked. Donation to the swap is not necessary to take books from it.

  • Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
    Homiletic Directory
    Instructor Comment: Only requiring reading is through paragraph 36. Can also be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE ONLINE
  • United States Catholic Conference of Bishops
    Preaching the Mystery of Faith: The Sunday Homily
    Instructor Comment: Also AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE
  • Pope Francis
    The Joy of the Gospel
    Instructor Comment: Also AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE
  • Fr. Joseph Mele
    The Sacred Conversation: The Art of Catholic Preaching and The New Evangelization
    Emmaus Road Publishing
    Instructor Comment: All prices for all books above are based on Amazon pricing on July 19, 2021. You can also purchase the book used for a lower price.
  • Saint Augustine of Hippo
    On Christian Doctrine
    Beloved Publishing
    Instructor Comment: Feel free to also DOWNLOAD THESE VERSIONS FOR FREE HERE
    This link allows you to see the book online, save it as a pdf file or as a Microsoft Word document. FEEL FREE TO USE WHATEVER VERSIONS YOU HAVE OR WANT TO USE.

Recommended Texts

Recommended texts are those from which not enough reading assignments are drawn to warrant asking students to provide their own copies or those that instructors think will enhance a student’s appreciation of the subject matter of the course. Any reading assignments drawn from these texts will be available on reserve.

  • Sample Recommended Text Here

Electronic Reserve

Below are links to required or recommended texts available in an electronic format. For physical reserve items, please refer to the course syllabus.

Augustine, On Christian Doctrine (ver.1)
Augustine, On Christian Doctrine (ver.2)
Bouchard, Charles – How to Listen to the Sunday Homily
Driscoll, Jeremy – Catechesis and Doctrine in Liturgical Preaching
Grasso, Domenico – Proclaiming God’s Message, A Study in the Theology of Preaching
Hilkert, Mary C. – Naming Grace, A Theology of Proclamation
Schepers and Philibert – Blessed John XXIII’s Pastoral Council, Keeping the Dream Alive
USCCB, Fulfilled in Your Hearing
USCCB, The Homiletic Directory
Vatican II, CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY–Homiletics 1 Highlights
Zegeer, Fr. Eric, “‘Drink Charity’ So that you might ‘Love and Do What You Will'”
Zegeer, Fr. Eric, “Reformed from Within: Risking your Life for the Flock