Course Reserves

Courses Fall 2018

Course Number Course Name Instructor
PT-DO-1300 Introduction to Theology Dr Barstad
PT-LA-1101 Latin I Fr Franchomme
PT-PH-1301 History of Ancient Philosophy Dr Vater
PT-PS-1300 Philosophical Methods Dr Vater
PT-PS-1301 Logic Dr Wright
PT-PS-1310 Metaphysics Dr Selner-Wright
PT-DO-1400 Theology of St Thomas Aquinas Fr Fegan, OP
PT-LA-1201 Latin III Fr Franchomme
PT-PH-1303 History of Modern Philosophy Dr Wright
PT-PS-1400 Ethics Fr Perez-Lopez
PT-PS-1410 Philosophy of Nature and Science Dr McLaughlin
PT-PT-1563 Topics: Writings of C.S. Lewis Dr McLaughlin
PT-PT-1520 Topics: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Dr Blum
PT-PT-1525 Topics: Aristotle’s Eudaimonian Ethics Dr Selner-Wright
PT-PH-1400 Aquinas Seminar Dr Vater
TH-DO-2100 Fundamental Theology Fr Fegan, OP
TH-LA-2121 Greek I Fr Franchomme
TH-LS-2100 Liturgical & Sacramental Theology Fr Book
TH-PA-2100 Pastoral Psychology Dr Creed
TH-SS-2100 Pentateuch Fr Caballero
TH-DO-2105 Christology Dr Pinto
TH-HO-2101 Homiletics I Fr Zegeer
TH-LA-2123 Greek III Fr Hoeck
TH-LS-2270 Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist Fr Cardo
TH-MO-2101 Fundamental Moral Theology I Fr Perez-Lopez
TH-PA-2200 Pastoral Theology Fr Wallace
TH-SS-2300 Psalms & Wisdom Fr Caballero
TH-CH-2202 Church History II Dr Fimister
TH-CL-2101 Canon Law I Mr St Louis-Sanchez
TH-HO-2201 Homiletics III Fr Cardo
TH-LP-2300 Liturgical Practicum: Deacon Dcn Rinner / Dr Innerst
TH-LS-2335 Sacrament of Matrimony Dr Innerst
TH-MO-2200 Sexual Ethics Fr Granados
TH-SS-2310 Saint Paul Fr Hoeck
TH-CL-2103 Canon Law III Fr Capucci
TH-DO-2310 Mariology Dr Pinto
TH-LS-2400 Confession & Anointing Fr Selin
TH-MO-2405 Spiritual Theology Fr Granados
TH-PA-2400 Spiritual Direction Fr Cleveland, OMV
TH-SS-2400 Saint John Fr Hoeck
Writing Writing Center Mr. Bowman
Writing SJV Style Sheet