About Us

Coordination Team

Daniel Wolbach

Totus Tuus Position: Program Coordinator
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Year in Seminary: 2st Theology
Favorite Saint(s): St. Joseph, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Michael, St Josemaria Escriba, St John Paul II
Favorite Quote(s): “Man cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.” –Gaudium et Spes
Hobbies: Golfing, Hiking, Biking, Running, Playing Soccer
Favorite Book: Brideshead Revisited

Ryan Kent

Totus Tuus Position: Training and Team Supplies
Hometown: Loveland, CO
Year in Seminary: 1st Theology
Favorite Saint(s): Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, St. Anthony of Padua, Bl. John Henry Newman, St. John Paul II
Favorite Quote(s): “One does not free man by detaching him from the bonds that paralyze him; one frees man by attaching him to his destiny.” -Emmanuel Mounier
Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Wikipedia, Reading, Piano
Favorite Book: Les Misserables

Tony Davis

Totus Tuus Position: Teacher and Web Liaison
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Year in Seminary: 1st Theology
Favorite Saint(s): Mother Thrice Admirable, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Andrew, St. Pius X
Favorite Quote(s): “The great and admirable quality of America consists in this, that America is truly the American people.” Jacques Maritain
Hobbies: Music, fishing, most activities in the mountains, and free-style rapping
Favorite Book: East of Eden

Phuoc Joe Bui

Totus Tuus Position: Teacher Training and Team Supplies
Hometown: Biên Hòa, Việt Nam
Year in Seminary: 1st Theology
Favorite Saint(s): John Paul II, Therese of Lisieux
Favorite Quote(s): “By the grace of God, I am what I am” 1st Cor 15:10
Hobbies: biking, repairing broken things
Favorite Book: Interior Freedom

John Stapleton

Totus Tuus Position: Parishes and Finances
Hometown: Johnstown, CO
Year in Seminary: 1st Theology
Favorite Saint(s): Blessed Virgin Mary
Favorite Quote(s): “It ain’t over till it’s all over.” Yogi Berra
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, video games, sporting events, fashion, and hiking
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings series