Course Reserves

Courses Fall 2017

Course Number Course Name Instructor
Philosophy 1015 Philosophical Methods Mr. Vater
Philosophy 1016 Logic Dr. McLaughlin
Philosophy 1004 History of Ancient Philosophy Mr. Vater
Theology 1025 Introduction to Theology Dr. Pitstick
Philosophy 1008 Metaphysics Dr. Selner-Wright
Latin 1001 Latin I Dr. Banning
Philosophy 2004 History of Modern Philosophy Dr. Wright
Theology 2025 Theology of St Thomas Aquinas Dr. Fimister
Philosophy 2006 Ethics Fr. Perez-Lopez
Philosophy 2012 Philosophy of Nature and Science Dr. McLaughlin
Latin 2003 Latin III Dr. Banning
Philosophy 2350 Topics I: Aquinas, Cosmology and the Perfection Dr. McLaughlin
Philosophy 2350 Topics II: Plato Dr. Wright
Theology 3115 Pentateuch Dr. Villeneuve
Theology 3120 Fundamental Theology Dr. Pitstick
Theology 3130 Pastoral Psychology Dr. Creed
Theology 3135 Liturgical & Sacramental Theology Fr. Book
Theology 3165 Apostolic Assignment Frs. Wagner/Franchomme
Hebrew 1010 Hebrew Remedial Course Dr. Villeneuve
Greek 3110 Greek I Dr. Banning
Theology 4115 Christology Dr. Pinto
Theology 4120 Fundamental Moral Theology I Fr. Perez-Lopez
Theology 3270 Sacrament of the Eucharist Fr. Cardo
Theology 4260 Pastoral Theology Fr. Caballero
Theology 4230 Psalms and Wisdom Dr. Villeneuve
Theology 4155 Homiletics I Fr. Grandon
Theology 4165 Apostolic Assignment Frs. Wagner/Franchomme
Greek 4130 Greek III Fr. Hoeck
Theology 5115 St Paul Fr. Hoeck
Theology 4145 Canon Law I Fr. Capucci/Mr. Hancock
Theology 5125 Sexual Ethics Fr. Granados
Theology 4245 Church History II Dr. Fimister
Theology 4135 Sacrament of Matrimony Dr. Innerst
Theology 5155 Homiletics III Fr. Cardo
Theology 5250 Liturgical Practicum: Deacon Dcn. Rinne / Dr. Innerst
Theology 5165 Apostolic Assignment Frs. Wagner/Franchomme
Theology 6100 St John Fr. Hoeck
Theology 6105 Spiritual Theology Fr. Granados
Theology 6110 Confession & Anointing Fr. Selin
Theology 6210 Mariology Dr. Pinto
Theology 6125 Spiritual Direction Fr. Cleveland, OMV
Theology 6115 Canon Law III Mr. St. Louis-Sanchez
Theology 6175 Formation I Frs. Leonard/Franchomme
Theology 6165 Apostolic Assignment Frs. Wagner/Franchomme
Writing Writing Center Mr. Bowman
Writing SJV Style Sheet