St. John Vianney Seminary Lay Division

Summer 2018 Classes & Programs

Here’s a quick list of the classes/programs we’re offering this summer. Scroll down below the double line for more information on the class(es) you’re interested in.

  • Provisional Certificate class for Catholic School Teachers — June 11-14 and July 23-26
  • CBS 4th Annual “Men of St Joseph” Men’s Evening — August 4

Provisional Certificate Class for Catholic School Teachers: June 11-14 and July 23-26
The ​Provisional ​Certificate ​Course ​is ​specifically ​developed ​for ​Catholic ​school ​teachers. ​Each ​day ​covers ​fully ​one ​of ​the ​four ​Pillars ​of ​the ​Catechism ​of ​the ​Catholic ​Church ​(CCC). ​The ​student ​must ​complete ​all ​four ​Pillars ​and ​the ​associated ​in-class ​assignments ​satisfactorily ​​to ​be ​awarded ​the ​Provisional ​Certificate by the Office of Catholic Schools. The​ Denver Catholic Catechetical School is ​offering ​this ​four-day ​course for following two weeks only ​during ​the ​summer ​2018: ​June ​11-14 ​and ​July ​23-26. This teacher-specific class ​in this four-day format is ​not ​offered ​during ​the ​regular ​school ​year. ​​Students ​are ​not ​required ​to ​register ​for ​all ​four ​classdays ​in ​one ​week, but ​may ​mix ​and ​match ​sessions between the two weeks.
Tuition: $35/day
To register and for more information, click HERE.

CBS 5th Annual “Men of St. Joseph” Men’s Evening – Saturday, August 4
Calling all men!! This is a great event — filled with fellowship, good food on the grill, and talks on topics of interest to Catholic men by the men of our exceptional CBS staff.  Hosted by CBS Director, Dr. Nick Lebish, and  his fellow male CBS instructors and held at the St. John Paul II Center (1300 S Steele St, Denver 80210) the evening of Saturday, August 4. Mark your calendars and check back again soon for more information!
Cost: $25
To register and for more information, click HERE.