St. John Vianney Seminary Lay Division


As a convert to the Catholic Church, I did not have much understanding of the Bible, or the way that Catholics interpret or teach the Bible. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be with a bunch of “Cradle Catholics”, who I thought knew everything about the Bible. The format of the Catholic Biblical School is such that all students participated and shared our knowledge, and you felt extremely comfortable in the sessions. The instructors were knowledgeable, shared their faith, taught in an easy-to-understand language, and were very pastoral. The structure of the class allows for small group sharing of the topics before class instruction.  The content is well laid out in easy to follow, yearly workbooks.  There was a cross section of ages from about twenty three to retired people. I highly recommend the Biblical School for persons of any age or any level of understanding. ~ Ed C.

The Denver Biblical School enriched my spiritual life. It has opened up the beautiful world of Sacred Scripture. The Old Testament has always been a challenge for me. I believe that I was intimidated and failed to fully understand the words as written. The two years in Biblical School have enlightened me and I now have a deeper understanding as to why it actually is the greatest book ever written. I appreciate now what a wonderful gift I received at my Baptism into the world of Jesus Christ and his message of love. The words written in this glorious book are a textbook to the keys of the kingdom of God. Thank you to the Denver Biblical School for enriching my spiritual life by opening my eyes to the divinely inspired Word of the Lord. ~ Alice A.

I have had the inquisitiveness of studying the Bible since I had my strongest conversion to the faith, about 8 years ago. Our Lord touched my heart and I felt that this would happen some day, I just didn’t know when or how, as I am a stay-at-home mom. Last year, I heard that the Catholic Bible School was coming to my parish and I knew, it was time. The Holy Spirit pushed me to ask a friend about it and I felt such a desire to study it, that I talked to our Lord that day and told Him: “I know you are asking me to do this and I cannot see how this can happen because you know my situation, but if you want it for me, it will be. I leave it up to you”…And He did. Our Lord waited so patiently to opened the most beautiful rose for me to smell the sweetest aroma: His Word. Thank you Lord! And thank you to all that have made this possible. You, my friend who are reading this, it is your turn to enjoy this gift! Don’t make Him wait. ~ Alma O.

The Catholic Biblical School and teaching staff at CBS have enabled me to see how the LORD has worked throughout my life.  I see this more poignantly,  because of the teaching staff, who have shared their gift of evangelization, through their love of scripture and their gift of teaching sacred scripture. CBS gives the  community in the Denver area  such a awesome curriculum and staff. We are truly blessed! ~ Angela R.

Biblical School has been the single greatest influence on the way I participate in the Mass. It is so exciting to hear a passage, recognize it and put it in context. I feel like the travelers on the Road to Emmaus when they said, “Were not our hearts burning while he spoke…and opened the scriptures to us?” I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend Denver Catholic Biblical School. ~ Barbara F.

To say that the Denver Catholic Biblical School substantially altered my life for the better, and not just my spiritual life, is a significant understatement. Although generations of my family going back more than a century “were” Roman Catholics, my family and I essentially were “cafeteria Catholics,” not having the interest or taking the time to learn the genius of Catholicism because of more important practical concerns of just living, working, and raising a family. Little did I know when I took that fateful step to study and not just read the Bible for less than an hour a day over a period of four years with a group of strangers who would become truehearted brothers and sisters that the ultimate goal was to activate and cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and exchange love with all other people in this world. It truly is the most important thing that I have done in my life. I have learned that “life is our journey to our Father, that Jesus is our guide on that journey, and our final destination is eternal happiness with Christ in paradise.” ~ Bill C.

I have tried several times to read the Bible from cover to cover.  I wouldn’t get very far and would feel totally lost and would quit. The instructors are so knowledgeable and the study guides and books we have really help to understand better the word of God.  Not only have I grown in my knowledge of the Bible, but I’ve grown to love the Catholic Church and it’s teachings even more.  The Catholic Biblical School is truly a blessing! ~ Cindy S.

The Denver Catholic Biblical School changed my life. I’m not the same person I was before I enrolled; it’s as if there’s a “Cindy before CBS” and a “Cindy after CBS” – and in a good way. A lifelong Catholic, I never studied the scriptures. When we started our family, I felt a strong tug to learn more so I could teach my children. Now I teach a bible study and write a weekly blog on the Sunday scriptures. Before Mass, my daughter asks me, “Okay Mom, what are we going to hear today?” And I give her the basics of the readings. CBS ignited in me a hunger to study God’s word and enter more deeply into relationship with Him. Best of all, I know that when I meet my maker and He asks me, “So? Did you read my book?” I can say, “YES. And it was amazing!” ~ Cindy S.

The Catholic Biblical School is the ideal setting for, as St. Anselm would say, ‘Faith seeking understanding.’ CBS challenged me to engage my heart and head as I became a more knowledgeable and faithful Catholic. The Catholic Biblical School changed my life and propelled me to work on behalf of the New Evangelization! ~ Claudia C

DCBS has been a great gift to me and to others I meet. It opened up for me God’s Word and helped me see “my” story as it unfolded. Every Mass that I participated in after starting our first classes was more meaningful and exciting. That first year of class we attended our Easter Vigil Mass. What had been slightly hard to sit through now was profoundly riveting and I was fully attentive to every word because I had studied them in class! We are so blessed and EVERYONE in the Archdiocese of Denver needs to make the time to learn more about their faith by attending the DCBS! As we know St. Jerome said: “Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ”. Who wants to be ignorant of the Lord of the Universe, the God of Mercy/Love? ~ Colleen L.L.

The Catholic Biblical School completely changed my life in Christ, but it took me 3 years before I got up the courage to enter a class.  Once I did, the Word of God come alive for me, like great fireworks across the sky, and I was blessed to be able to share my journey of faith with many wonderful people! When graduation came, it was with great joy, and yet I still wanted more. So let the Holy Spirit into your heart, and come join the adventure!  ~ Debby V.

My experience with the Biblical School course has been the best gift I could have given myself!  Learning the background and the history tied to Bible was, for me, the parts of the puzzle that were missing in my greater perception of God! Thank you so much for the great teachers that share their knowledge with us, they are phenomenal people! ~ Diane G.

When I read St Jerome’s quote “ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” I knew I needed more than the Sunday mass readings. Praise God for bringing the Biblical School to my attention. I now have a much richer and loving understanding of the merciful God who loves us, cares for us and who will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you CBS for the knowledge brought forth to those seeking. ~ Dorothy H.

Biblical School opened up for me the amazing wealth that God put in Sacred Scripture. It was incredible to see how verses and parables that I heard all my life became alive and took on a whole new meaning. These studies unfolded for me the love that God has for us through all the things the people of Israel went through in the Old and the New testament. The Biblical School allowed me to experience God’s love in such an intimate and personal way, that it strengthened my faith like never before. Going to Biblical School was an important milestone to open my heart to the vocation of the Permanent Diaconate! ~ Deacon Efra P.

I had always wanted to read the Bible from cover to cover, but got lost somewhere in Deuteronomy or Leviticus. With the help of the Biblical School instructors my eyes were opened to the beautiful history and timeline of the Bible. The small group discussions and lectures opened my heart to the importance of knowing our scriptures and their influence in our everyday lives. The Holy sacrifice of the Mass is so much more meaningful to me as I know the background to the first, second and Gospel readings. Give yourself the gift of reading the Bible in an easy, friendly setting that will amaze you and leave you wanting to know even more. It will increase your faith and give you the tools to live a richer life. ~ Elizabeth L.

Never have the words of St. Jerome, “ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” been more evident. It’s difficult to put into words the transforming power the Catholic Biblical School has and continues to have. I literally leave class in complete wonder of the beauty contained in Scripture. My only regret is not having discovered this hidden treasure much sooner! Please, give yourself the greatest gift you’ll ever receive and break open Scripture with the Catholic Biblical School. ~ Frank S.

I truly felt that the Holy Spirit guided me to attend the Denver Biblical School. Though initially I was hesitant to commit to 4 years of study, my uncertainty was quickly eliminated after my very first class. As the precious stories unfolded, with the guiding hand of our instructors, the stories came to life and my understanding of the deep roots of our faith was beautifully  illuminated. What began as a simple exercise to learn more about the Bible, has become a treasure that I continue to cherish, especially as I listen to words of the gospel at Mass. ~ Irene L.

The Denver Catholic Biblical School was a life changing experience for me that I credit with starting my reversion. The quality instructors really opened up the message and purpose of every book of the Bible, making it easy to understand and showing fascinating details and connections that tie the whole Bible together. I can’t believe I lived so much of my life in ignorance of the Bible. I highly recommend the School to everyone I meet. ~ Jason F.

The Biblical School’s program of study for me has been an unexpected appetite for reading and reflecting on the scriptures! I tend to reflect with a new insight, what we as a class, with the help of our instructor-discovered and discussed about a particular oracle, narrative or prophet.  The Biblical School’s program has taken away my hesitation to open my Bible, and enjoy reading the most powerful, wonderfully thought-provoking book ever. Thank you all for the opportunity to learn what the Lord wants me to know, through scripture! ~ Jeanie H.

I strongly a call to action to attend the Catholic Biblical school! Anyone who is  who is looking to get closer to Christ, will be strengthened by reading and studying  the Old and New Testament scriptures. In addition, my faith has a deeper understanding of Christ’s life and His promises to me. The Biblical school looks ominous at first glance. But I promise it is the fastest and most fulfilling four years that you will encounter. If you are looking to take your relationship with the Lord to new and greater level, this is an excellent way to do it as well as meeting new Christian friends. ~ James D.

Going into the Biblical School, I was expecting to receive knowledge about the history of our Catholic faith. Instead, I received much more! I discovered God’s mercy and love, and received the tools to discern His plan for my life. The Biblical School opened up my heart to forgiveness, increased my desire to express love to others and encouraged me to live out my Baptismal call to go out and make disciples. ~ Jo H.

After four different people explained and encouraged me why I should sign up and go through the Denver Catholic Biblical School I took a long period of time and considerable amount of thought as wether to go forward with this venture. I finally decided I would sign up for only one year, this was to see if I liked and enjoyed this opportunity also to see if I could handle this program for four years. I was never a good student, plus at the age of 72 I was not excited in doing homework and taking tests, I had enough of that when attending school years ago. I did want to have a better understanding of the Bible and the Catholic Church. Well, it only took a few weeks and I was completely hooked. I am now just finishing my second year and you could not hold me back from finishing the entire four years. In fact, I am looking forward to what I will do after Biblical School and how I can use and apply all this information for some good. This experience has also given me a greater appreciation of the training and knowledge of the priest and deacons, along with giving me a better understanding of their talks, guidance and sermons. ~ John A.

Catholic Biblical School has it all: Great Teachers, Great Materials, Great Format, Great Fellow Students, Great Pace, and Great Informative Lectures. Participating has been a joy and to my delight, has enhanced every other part of my spiritual journey. ~ Joseph J.

I am a CBS 4th year student, about to graduate. These four years of studying the Word of God have truly deepened my devotion to the Catholic Church and intensified my faith. I have never been so close to our Lord and Savior as the time I have spent in CBS. I am going to miss it! Judy Ann F.

Just do it! Seriously, my experience as a student of the Denver Biblical School was nothing short of transformative. From the exceptional instructors to the wonderful group of my fellow students, to the amazing journey through the Scriptures, I can honestly say that this was the best gift I ever gave myself. As a product of Catholic schools for 16 years, I felt confident that I knew my faith. But I was unprepared for how little I actually did know.  It was only through the unpacking of our Lord’s Word, seeing His hand in the history of salvation and understanding the context with which the texts were written, that the scales fell off my eyes. So do it! Give yourself this gift of delving deeper into the story of God’s unfailing love for His people, for all of us. It will change you, I promise! St. Jerome was right when he said, “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.” Because of the Denver Biblical School, my life has been richly blessed.” ~ Kathy T.

Diving into the Bible during my four years attending the Catholic Biblical School really opened up Salvation History right before my eyes. I can see God at work in everything, and not just in the Bible! I feel so confident in opening my Bible now whether to read, to listen to what God is saying to me or to research a specific topic or biblical event. I still don’t have it all memorized, but I do know how and where to look. I so look forward to the day when I make the time to audit classes – I know I will learn and grow even more. ~ Linda E.

Every catholic should enroll in the Biblical School program. Their faith and love of God certainly would increase.  Salvation history came alive to me and I so much more appreciate God’s mercy and love for us as His children. It was amazing to see how the Old Testament tied into God’s plan of redemption which pointed to Jesus, our Redeemer in so many ways. Now the readings and gospel as proclaimed in the mass means so much more to me since I understand more clearly God’s word to us. I strongly urge everyone to get to know God by studying the scriptures through these classes. ~ Loretta K

My wife and I entered the Denver Catholic Biblical School in Fall of 2005. Although I am a life-long Catholic, I had never truly met Jesus Christ in all of my years the way I did in the Biblical School. I was previously Catechized, but never Evangelized, and there is a huge difference. To be Evangelized is to meet the person of Jesus Christ. We met Him in a profound way in the Biblical School and in His Word, which was unfolded for us over the 4 years. I can say without hesitation that the Biblical School was the best thing I ever did to come to know my faith, love my faith, and want to live it every day in a more passionate and zealous way. Zeal for your House consumes me O Lord! And the best thing you can possibly do after attending the Biblical School is to attend the Denver Catholic Catechetical School. It then allows you to see how the Church is the gift that the Lord gave us to live the life He has called us to in His Word, and the Catechism is the best exegesis on the Bible for putting it into practice in your daily life.” ~ Mark B.

The Catholic Biblical School has been a blessing beyond all my expectations.  My only wish is that I would not have waited until I was 70 to explore this beautiful study. As our Catechism so suggest the mystery of our salvation is hidden in the bible. The teachers of the Biblical School have helped me explore and meditate upon these hidden meanings in a way that my faith has been changed forever. I thank God for this beautiful opportunity and ask the Holy Spirit to guide others to consider this life changing study.  ~ Norma H.

The Catholic Biblical School was one of the very best things that I have ever done, not only for my faith development but more importantly for my quality of life. Of particular help was studying and getting to know the Old Testament. It really helped me to understand the very nature and sinfulness of humanity. Prior to this understanding, I could never truly forgive myself and lived in the shadow of sin. After understanding that sinfulness is a human reality and God’s mercy really helped me to feel forgiven and live joyfully as God intends for us. Also, understanding the Bible now adds so much depth and meaning to everyday readings and the messages at mass. Lastly, and also of great benefit was some of the people I met and friendships that I made in the four years of class. I loved it and hopefully this may inspire others to get involved. ~ Paul N.

My Catholic formation happened during the during the Vatican II transition. Overnight my education  became “Catholic-lite”.  I thought I knew my faith, but in reality I was blissfully ignorant. The Denver Catholic Bible School has not only filled in the gaps in my knowledge but has also tremendously deepened my faith. I feel blessed being given this opportunity, at this point in my life, to learn about the faith and I look forward to completing the program and getting my “GED” in Catholicism. ~ Steve M.

As a life long Catholic, and one who attended both Catholic high school and college, I thought I was aware of the roots of my faith.  The Bible course was astounding in what it added. I now have a much more rich appreciation of the Church, the Mass and how it’s grounded in scripture. I loved the school, and could not recommend it highly enough.  It is transformative! Tim K.

I have attended the Catholic Biblical School for two years. I feel that this experience has changed me as a Catholic Christian forever.  Not only have I acquired a far better understanding and perspective of the Bible, but the awareness I have received from the classes has only intensified my thirst for the word of our Lord. It’s a inspiration to continue to grow with the motivation of my fellow students, the amazing knowledge and dedication of the instructors, plus the with the support of the wonderful staff at Catholic Biblical and Catechetical School at the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. If you are trying to decide if you should make this commitment, ask yourself if you are ready of a better understanding of your very being, and your relationship with the Lord.  It’s interesting, amazing and fun! It is a wonderful continuance of your journey, one that will make the biggest impact on you for the rest of your life! ~ Wanda M.

My goal in attending the Catholic Biblical school was to get deeply acquainted with the Word of God.  I have been immersed in the Word of God and my faith is growing through this encounter.  An added gift has been the interaction with gifted teachers whose love of the Word have hugely expanded my knowledge and faith in the miracles of our Catholic faith. I have made many new and wonderful friendships among the devout and dedicated members of our group. I will never hear a Bible verse or Mass reading without it stirring up my knowledge and enriching me. Catholic Biblical School is a challenge but I have found anything truly meaningful in life takes effort. Trust in God and He will bring you through. ~ Lynn H.