Registration for 2017-2018 Classes

2017-2018 Class Registration

Click on the link below to register for your program. Remember, if you are a new student for the Biblical or Catechetical Schools, you must begin with year 1 of the program. God bless you and your studies with us!

Biblical School
Year 1: From Eden to Exile
Year 2: Proclaiming the Kingdom
Year 3: A Future and a Hope
Year 4: Wisdom and the Word

Catechetical School
Ladder of Ascent (formerly Pillars), Year 1
Ladder of Ascent (formerly Pillars), Year 2

Supplemental Lecture Programs
The Art of Living: Mastering the Virtuous Life
Apologetics For the New Evangelization: Practical Catholicism
Pilgrimage: A Journey Through Church History

Auditing Class

Graduates of the Biblical School or Catechetical School may audit the program for free.
– Additional cost for any books/materials you may wish to purchase.
– Auditors attend only the lecture portion of the class (the 2nd hour of class).
Click HERE to sign up as an audit a Biblical School or Ladder of Ascent class.