St. John Vianney Seminary Lay Division

Class Weather Notifications

STATUS: No class cancellations at this time.

  • If a class is cancelled for weather or any other reason, the cancellation will be listed above and on the office main line (303.715.3195).
  • For snow closures, the Biblical and Catechetical Schools follow the lead of the parish and the school district in which the parish is located.
  • Due to the diversity of our locations, weather conditions can vary greatly. So, a closure for one class does not automatically mean other classes in other locations have been cancelled for that day.
  • The instructor will email his/her class about any class cancellation.
  • If the instructor has an office phone, he/she will also leave a message on his/her business voicemail as soon as the closure of any location has been determined.

It is suggested that students check their email before going to class for any last minute information regarding their class.